The HSC Test Yourself App....

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli recently announced availability of an Higher School Certificate (HSC) Test Yourself App using multiple choice questions from HSC exams.


The HSC Test Yourself App’s content comes direct from BOSTES and is based on the most current HSC syllabus for each course.


A mobile App, it works on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, so students can access the tests whenever and wherever they want such as on the bus or train travelling to and from school.


The HSC Test Yourself App is the brainchild of 2013 HSC Greystanes High School student Shubham Shah who saw the value in the range of BOSTES study materials available and devised a way to make them available to students to access when and where they wanted.


There is no cost to download the App from either Google Play or Apple’s App store and once downloaded students can test themselves with a free set of questions included in the App and then decide which subjects they want to download. The download will indicate how many questions are available for that subject and the price for the subject pack. The cost ranges between $1.99 to $3.99 a subject.


The HSC Test Yourself App will also be of value to teachers so they can test student understanding of what has been taught.


The App contains 2010 - 2013 exam questions from popular HSC courses including:

o  Automotive

o  Biology

o  Business Services

o  Business Studies

o  Chemistry

o  Construction

o  Economics

o  Electrotechnology

o  Entertainment industry

o  Financial Services

o  General Mathematics

o  Geography

o  Hospitality

o  Human Services

o  Legal Studies

o  Mathematics

o  Mathematics Extension

o  Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

o  Physics

o  Primary Industries

o  Retail Services

o  Senior Science

o Studies of Religion.


The HSC Test Yourself App can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store on Apple’s iTunes.